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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I choose to homeschool my child, will they be able to get into a decent college?

A: Yes, it is unbelievable to learn how many colleges accept homeschooled students. See this webpage to learn more!

Q: If I choose to homeschool, is it possible for my child to get scholarships?

A: Yes! 

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Q: Is there any research about homeschooled students and their success rates academically, socially, emotionally, and psychologically?

A: Yes!

Read and learn about it here

Q: If I choose to homeschool, can my child receive a high school diploma?


Read to learn more about high school diplomas

Q: If I choose to homeschool in collaboration with Independent School of Thought's program, will I be able to take vacation or send my child to camps that may interfere with the schedule?

A: Yes, you are ultimately responsible for the education of your child. Independent School of Thought's primary responsibility is to support your family to ensure that your child gets a holistic education that offers a structured traditional school environment two days per week with additional supports if desired. We do have a flexible schedule and can suite it to fit the needs of your child.

Q: What curricular choices and enrichment activities does IST present? What exactly is the schedule like?

A: Click the button to find out

We are currently working on becoming accredited and being open five days a week. We hope it happens soon! 

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