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Parents are the deciding factor in the curriculum their child follows or uses.  Parents can choose to send their own curricular materials or follow the school's curriculum.  Even when parents choose to follow the school's curriculum, the parent has full choice in what the student learns or classes the student takes.


*A note from the director on curriculum:  We choose a wide variety of resources to offer as many enriching experiences as possible.  Most of our studies are theme based.  We have a healthy balance of textbook to freestyle learning resources.

Some of the textbook publishers and companies we have used include Glencoe, Holt, McGraw-Hill, Saxon Math, Phonics Pathways, Sound City, and Pearson, among others.  Our approach is a more Montessori-like approach in many ways, especially in the early elementary age group.  Some of the enriching opportunities we offer outside of the 3R's include culinary arts, foreign language, survival skills, drama (student written, student directed plays/skits), Jr. Master Gardener program, science experiments/demonstrations, guest speakers, entrepreneurship experience, technology/computer skills, art, music, and community service.

We also offer Advanced Placement opportunities in Language and Composition (English III) and US History.  Students are pre-tracked with pre-AP course curricula and expectations.

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