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Links for Weeks 5-6:  Multiple Points of View on Climate Change and Global Warming:


The Heat Over Global Warming

Interview with the producer of “

An Inconvenient Truth” along with related links


God and Global Warming

Explores the effects of global warming on the Alaska and our moral responsibility to the planet


Robert Redford: Business Warming Up to Environment

Robert Redford interview discussing the advantages of businesses going “green”

Senator Jeff Bingaman on America’s Energy Policy

Discussion of America’s energy policy related to global warming


Emission Impossible?

Looks at how California is legislating auto emissions and taking steps to save the environment on the state level

Stepping Up on Climate Control

Profiles “Step it Up” and the national campaign to combat global warming


Interview with Bill McKibben: National Day of Climate Action

Interview with Bill McKibben discussing the National Day of Climate Action and what he believes we must do to combat global warming

Climate Change and the Media Senate Hearings

Examines the role of the media and expert claims that the dangers of global warming are exaggerated by the media

Home Grown

Profiles the use of biodiesel and Willie Nelson’s role in its development

Five Questions with Environmental Writer Tom Philpott

Philpott answers five questions about alternative energy sources


Oil, Politics & Bribes

Examines the role of oil lobbyists and their influence on energy policy



E2: Energy

This 6-part series examines the development of alternative energy sources


The Greens

The series offers students specific ideas for reducing, reusing, recycling and conserving energy through various web links


Online NewsHour: The Global Warming Debate 

This report examines the scientific definition of global warming and presents both sides of the debate on global warming.

NewsHour Extra: Global Warming Linked to Humans

Reported on 2/5/07, this article examines project global changes, the impact on humans, and what can be done to reduce emissions the lead to global warming.


NewsHour Extra: Global Warming Fears Lead to Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol

This 2/14/05 NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Special for Students summarizes the problem of global warming, briefly outlines details of the Kyoto Protocol and world opinion, and describes the U.S. response.


Frontline: Doubters of Global Warming

This article profiles five prominent global warming skeptics and their opinions about global warming.

Journey to Planet Earth: The State of the Planet: Global Warming

The article discusses the effects of global warming and provides several points of view about what could be done about these environmental changes.


What's Up With the Weather?

This NOVA and FRONTLINE special report on global warming provides graphs, a helpful FAQ, an interactive activity that helps students recognize sources of daily energy consumption and determine their "diet" of carbon, perspectives for and against global warming, and more.


United States Environmental Protection Agency: "Global Warming Quiz"

This online EPA resource provides five questions that check basic understanding of the causes of global warming.



Link to Week 4:  The Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming and Climate Change Resources

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